Meteorologist Nelly Carreno’s Tortilla Soup… Will Blow You Away

unnamedShe’s not just a fantastic meteorologist and she’s obviously not just a pretty face. In our new guest blogger page here on “Dare To Taste,” we will feature the culinary skills of some of the most talented and successful women in sports and entertainment. Stepping up to be the first daring wonder woman is Boston’s favorite weather girl, Nelly Carreno, who has offered up her famous, and apparently secret, Tortilla Soup recipe. Yes, Nelly has never revealed this recipe… until now…. So I highly suggest you copy it down and make it as soon as possible. I know I am.


4 T Olive Oil enough to coat bottom of pan
1 Onion chopped
4 Garlic Cloves chopped
2 Ancho Chillies chopped, seeded
2 Serrano Chillies chopped, seeded
1T Adobo Seasoning
2t Chili Powder
8 C Chicken Stock
2 lb. Boneless Chicken diced
1 Can Tomatoes fire roasted preferred
1 Can Corn
3 Potatoes diced
1/4 C Fresh Cilantro chopped
1 Lime juiced
Salt and Pepper


Avocado sliced
Mozzarella or Cheddar Cheese shredded
Tortilla Chips crumbled

Jen Royle and Nelly Carreno

Saute the onions and garlic in a lare pot and cook until the onions are translucent…. about 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Once the onions are clear, add the Adobo seasoning, chili powder and both chillies, Ancho and Serrano.

Note: If you want the soup SPICY, leave some of the seeds in. The seeds carry the bulk heat so use caution when adding. Remember, you can always add, you can’t take away. 

Add the chicken stock to the seasoned onions and garlic and bring to a simmer. Season the diced chicken with salt and pepper before adding to the pot. Once the chicken is seasoned, drop in. Simmer for about five minutes allowing the chicken absorb the seasoning from both the stock and the chillies.

unnamed-2Next, add the tomatoes and corn. Nelly suggests using fire-roasted tomatoes, but if you can’t find them, head out to the yard and roast some. JUST KIDDING. Just use a regular can of diced tomatoes. Lastly, add the potatoes and fresh cilantro.

Note: You always want to add potatoes last, especially to a soup or stew. Potatoes, when cooked for a long period of time in any liquid, tend to fall apart. The last thing you want are floating particles of potatoes in your soup or chowder. So add them last so they stay together.

Unlike other soups, the topping are very important in Tortilla Soup. Why? Well the soup is obviously spicy, smooth, and hot. So you want to add things that counter those flavors and textures. The avocado is and cilantro will be cooling factors and will also add a great cool, freshness to the soup. And the tortillas will add crunch, a texture that is almost always necessary in cooking. And the cheese… Well, who doesn’t like cheese?

avocado-grilled-cheese-2 harvested-cilantro
Let the soup simmer for at least another 10 minutes. Before serving, top with the toppings of your choice; avocado, cheese, cilantro and Tortilla chips. Add the chips on top of everything else to avoid getting soggy.

Thank you, Nelly for sharing this AMAZING recipe with us. We have no doubt it will be a hit.


Not only has Jen Royle been cooking in her spare time for most of her life while working as a professional sports reporter, but many of your favorite, successful and brilliant women of sports and entertainment have as well. And of course, we are here to expose them and their culinary talents!

We are please to have some amazing women who we all know and love guest blog their favorite recipe here on Dare To Taste in a new weekly column.

We have lined up Boston’s sweetheart and former Red Sox sideline reporter and current NFL sideline gal for “The NFL on CBS,” Jenny Dell.  Two Red Sox’ sideline reporters before her, Tina Cervasio, now the team reporter for the New York Knicks on the MSG Network. The amazingly talented, alway generous and beautiful Catherine Varitek, wife of Red Sox legend Jason Varitek, who has her own successful food blog, Thyme With Catherine. ESPN’s wonder woman Jaymee Sire, who also runs her own amazing food blog E is for Eat. Fox 25 Boston’s one and only, the brilliant Sorboni Banerjee. MLB Network’s lovely studio host Lauren Shehadi. Los Angeles Dodgers reporter and studio host, the awesome Alanna Rizzo. Boston’s Channel 7 Anchor and sweetheart of the city (little) Janet Wu. And NECN’s spunky meteorologist, the fantastic Nelly Cerrano.  And we are adding to this list every day!

Stay tuned for the first celebrity blog this week! We can’t wait to see what these talented ladies have in store for us… and our kitchens!