Double-Fried Plantains — A Salty and Sweet Tasty Snack


Yellow plantains peeled and sliced on an angle in 1/4 inch pieces.

Not to be confused with Plantain Chips, which stem from the green plantains and are sliced paper thin with a mandoline, fried plantains are soft, sweet and salty, and a perfect snack. Not to mention, they are VERY easy to make, it just takes a couple of steps.

3 Yellow Plantains sliced thick
Canola Oil (375 degrees)
Kosher Salt

First, peel the plantains. (If the peel is difficult to remove, you can slice the plantain peel down the middle and soak in some warm water.) Once the peel is removed, slice the plantains on an angle about 1/4 of an inch thick.

Smashed after the first fry… about 3 minutes.

Heat some Canola or Vegetable Oil to 375 degrees. Fry about 10 Plantain wedges until they turn slightly darker. See photo to the left.

Allow the plantains to cool for a few minutes. Using parchment paper, cover the plantains. Then take the back of a spoon and apply pressure onto the plantain wedge. This way, the back of the metal spoon won’t stick to the plantain and rip them in half. Once all the plantains are smashed, drop them back into the fryer until they’re golden brown. Like everything you fry, season with kosher salt as soon as they are removed from the fryer. Rest the smashed wedges on paper towels to remove some of the excess oil.

Note: As you know I’m not a fan of resting anything fried on paper towels. I find it leaves the finished product soggy, but not these!

Final product after the second fry and seasoned with Kosher salt.

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